Product made from (phyllanthu emblica) a rich source of natural vitamin c. It is manufactured by solar energy system. It is base of all ayurveda medicines. It is best used in digestion, as blood purifier and as appetizer. Product available only in economy pack. A product with combination of health and taste. Saras Amla one of the purest forms of natural vitamin 'c'. Whose enrichment and elements are calculated it’s a high dignity and superbility. In ayurveda amla is consider as exce-as earth moves round on its axis. Similarly whole ayurveda theory moves on amla. Only amla is a fruit whose qualities, vitamins and enrichments does not looses when it is converted into dry fruits. In ayurveda there is a importancy of six juices, viz. Sweet, sour, salty,gallic acid, tainic acidm and niryas. In Amla there are five types of juices but Saras has researched and made saras amla which has six above mentioned six
type of juices.


Packing Details: - Pouch 30 and 26 Packet.